Buying A House? Demand These 3 Things From Your  Dallas-Fort Worth REALTOR.

If you’re thinking about buying a house in Dallas-Fort Worth , and if you’re going to buy one with the help of an agent, make sure you get the service you need. Read this blog post for information about buying a house? Demand these 3 things from your agent in Dallas-Fort Worth …

If you’re planning to buy a house, you might want to think about getting help from an agent. An agent provides many different benefits and services and they should be focused on serving you and help you.

So, buying a house?

Demand these 3 things from your agent in Dallas-Fort Worth . (And if you don’t get them, find another agent who can help you).

#1. Ask for their track record

Find out how good your agent will be in representing you. See if they can provide you with testimonials and success stories, or some other kind of indicator of how well they represent you. Remember, they should be able to find you plenty of houses to look at and then negotiate well on your behalf.

#2. Ask to look at lots of houses, multiple times

An agent wants to get you into a house as soon as they can. Although they want you to be happy, of course, they also want to minimize how long they take to work with you. Demand that they spend all the time you need.

One way to get their help here is to ask to see lots of houses, and, ask to see some houses multiple times. The reason is simple: An agent might want to show you five houses… but what if you find your dream home after looking at the fifteenth house?

Or, what if you look at ten houses and realize that you want to go back and look at the first house again? A good agent will comply with your wishes.

#3. Ask to drive around the neighborhood

Agents can often be focused on houses and they forget all the other reasons you want to buy a house. For example, you might want to know that there are good schools and parks nearby for your children; so, ask your agent to show you a house and then drive around the neighborhood to view what the neighborhood is like. Both pieces of information are essential for you to make an informed decision.


Agents are not all the same. Some will do more for you and some will do less. But if you want an agent to serve you make sure you know ahead of time what you want and ask the agent if they’ll do it. Buying a house? Demand these 3 things from your agent in Dallas-Fort Worth … and you’ll love finding the house of your dreams!

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Ready To Invest in Real Estate in Dallas-Fort Worth ? Here are 4 Tips for Success

Want to succeed in real estate? Make sure you read this blog post to learn how to do it! If you’re ready to invest in real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth , here are 4 tips for success…

Ready to invest in real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth ? Here are 4 tips for success…

Tip #1. Read, Read, Read

Whether online or at your local bookstore or library, there is a wealth of information about real estate investing. Look for both how-to books as well as stories of others who have invested in real estate.

Read between the lines by stopping every 2-3 pages, pretending that you are that person in the story, and identifying what challenges you would have and how you would be successful in that situation. Our brains are muscles, so the more we exercise them and think about ‘what if’ scenarios, the more creative we become.

Our brains are muscles, so the more we exercise them and think about ‘what if’ scenarios, the more creative we become.

Tip #2. Analyze, Analyze, Analyze

Spend time every week figuring out the gross and net profit on 5 – 10 (or more) properties. The more practice that you have making calculations, the faster you will become. Research has shown that people need between 5,000 – 10,000 hours (3-5 years) to become an expert at something.

To become successful when investing in real estate, you need to become good at many different areas but if you are not getting a great deal when you buy based on the numbers, then you will not be successful.

Tip #3. Have an INNER and an OUTER Circle of Support

Inner circle – There will always be people around you who say, ‘you don’t have the ability to do that’, or ‘that is too risky’, or ‘you can’t do that here’. What you are looking for are 2-3 close friends or family who will encourage you as you move forward. Your inner circle should also include one or more real estate mentors.

You need a real estate mentor but you may also need a life coach to help you strengthen your mindset and self-confidence.

Outer circle – Those you met in person in your city or town or through books, seminars, and/or online who also invest in real estate, who will support, encourage, and offer guidance. These people will not be involved on a daily or weekly basis in your investing but they will be available as you need them.

In addition, you need to know some professionals who are familiar with real estate. You don’t go to a dentist to fix a broken arm, nor should you go to a lawyer who rarely or never is involved with real estate investments. Gather a database of real estate lawyers, real estate agents, accountants, tax planners.

You will be using their services regularly in the years to come so you want to know their level of expertise and if you can work with them on a regular basis.

Tip #4. Take Deliberate Action

Look at your time and money, make sure that you are not trying to mix in real estate investing with 20 other major activities in your life, and then plan out what you will do daily, in the next month, three months, 6 months, and in the next year as you start your journey towards being a real estate investor .

Or consider this when you’re going to invest in real estate…

You’ve just read 4 tips to help you invest in real estate. They’re good tips that will serve anyone. However, maybe you don’t want to do all that work. Well, one suggestion is to work with a wholesaler who has already done a lot of this work for you. And that’s what we do here at Soignier Properties, LLC! We can help you skip a lot of these steps and start investing right away!

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4 Reasons Why Homeownership is a Good Investment in Dallas-Fort Worth

Maybe in the past, you’ve thought about owning a house but you’re not sure if it’s right for you. Well, aside from owning your own home instead of renting, one consideration is that it’s a sound financial investment. Here are 4 reasons why homeownership is a good investment in Dallas-Fort Worth .

There are many kinds of investments out there – from stocks to bonds, from funds to art – but one of the best investments out there is real estate.

It’s a stable, solidly performing investment. If you are curious about whether it’s right for you, here are 4 reasons why homeownership is a good investment in Dallas-Fort Worth …

Reason #1. It’s a Real Asset

Some investments, like stocks, are just “paper” assets. That is, they represent an investment but they don’t have any real value themselves. If the company collapses, you’re left with nothing but a worthless piece of paper. However, with real estate, you have a real asset (something you can touch and see) and it has real value.

Reason #2. Upward Trend

One of the things that make real estate a great investment is that the price tends to go up. Sure, the price might fluctuate depending on the economy or what else is going on in the neighborhood, but in general, real estate prices tend to rise over time.

Reason #3. You Can Increase Value

Why Homeownership is a Good InvestmentA very powerful reason why real estate is a good investment is that you have control over the value of the property. If you buy a house for a certain price and them improvements, you’ll increase the value of the house.

A new paint job or an upgraded bathroom can raise the resale value of your home. (This is preferable to a stock, which you can’t really improve with a paint job!)

Reason #4. Stability

If you’re currently renting a place to live and not sure if a property will give you a good return, then consider this: one often-overlooked return is the stability you get from living in one house that you own.

And that stability translates into a better credit score. And that credit score is a valuable outcome that can improve your ability to borrow, and even your ability to find a job (since some employers will check your credit score before hiring you.)

So just my moving into a home and staying there for a while, you’ll get some stability and be able to increase your credit score.


If you’re currently renting and debating about whether you should buy a property, then think about the return you could get on that property. Real estate is often a solid investment and here are 4 reasons why home ownership is a good investment in Dallas-Fort Worth .

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